Conversations in Clean – Episodes

007: The Developing Group

We talk with Penny Tompkins and James Lawley about the Developing Group, which was established in 2001 as a regular forum for the exploration of new ideas in the field of all things Clean. The group meets 4-6 times a year and it was a special privilege to sit down with Penny and James during…

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006: with Svetlana Shapovaliants

We talk with Svetlana Shapovaliants about her Clean journey, Clean Language in Russia, and the origins of #DramaFree. This episode was recorded after we attended a Systemic Modelling 3-day rolling programme in West Kirby, delivered by Caitlin Walker and Svetlana. You can find Svetlana’s company Ancora Impario at https://ancoraimparo.ru/

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005: Scoping, with Caitlin Walker

We talk with Caitlin Walker about Clean Scoping – preparing for a Systemic Modelling engagement. Full transcript in post.

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004: With Shaun Hotchkiss

We sit down with Shaun Hotchkiss. Shaun talks about his time with David Grove, his use of Clean Language in psychotherapy and coaching, and of course, the Whirly Gig.

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002: Caitlin Walker, on Coding

We hear more about the emergence of Coding as part of the Systemic Modelling landscape.

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001: With Caitlin Walker

We talk with Caitlin Walker of Training Attention about Systemic Modelling, Drama Free, Clean Stance, and how to use Clean Language safely.

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