Information for Guests

Thank you for considering being a guest on our show. Here’s a little bit more information.

Our Show

Our aim with Conversations in Clean is to introduce the Clean community to each other.

There’s lots of Clean-oriented Facebook groups, but that’s not really the place where people talk at length about what they are up to how they are using Clean. We do get to know each other on courses, but not everyone can go to courses, especially ones in different countries.

So we thought we’d have a Podcast where we chat to people, just like we would if we met them at a course or conference – all we’re doing is the same thing with a microphone.


You don’t really have to prepare all that much, but you might want to think about:

  • How you’d like to be introduced
  • Anything you specifically want to mention/discuss
  • Anything you don’t want us to bring up

Recording – The Process

Generally we spend about an hour chatting, which will get edited down to our normal 20 – 30 minute episode.

To start with, we’ll talk for a few minutes to get everyone comfortable and make sure the equipment is working.

Then one of us (often Catherine) will do the “Welcome to Conversations in Clean” bit and we’ll introduce you.

Our sessions are a lot of fun; there’s a bit of silliness and laughter which is important for us to keep the right tone. We’ll mostly edit this out because our listeners aren’t that interested in listening to us laugh, but they’ll know if we’re having a good time or not.

We aren’t broadcasting live which means if we get off track of mis-speak we can just re-do that segment. This happens less and less as we get practiced at it, but it really takes the pressure off everyone to know we can just re-do something.

Recording – What to Expect

We much prefer to record with us all in the same physical space; it adds an extra level of intimacy which our listeners appreciate. That’s not always possible and many podcasts are recorded over The Internet.

If we come to you and record

If you’re close to us or somewhere in the vicinity of our travels for our day job, we can come to you.

We’ll need to be in a room with soft furnishings (so there’s no echo) in a reasonably quiet place. A living room is perfect.

We’ll bring microphones and a recorder. You need to provide the room and a power plug.

Recording over The Internet

(coming soon. big topic)

Coming to us

We do enjoy hosting people in our offices in Berkshire, UK. We’ve got a living room where we can record the podcast, and you are welcome to spend some time in our video studio on the same day if you’ve got something you want recording.

We have an office dog who is very friendly but we know not everyone is comfortable with dogs. If you’d rather she have a day at home, just let us know.

After Recording – the Edit

We’ll edit the episode, aiming to:

  • Remove any obvious mistakes, accidents etc. If you have a chicken invasion don’t worry about it, we’ll edit it out.
  • Remove anything where we’re straying into things that don’t add value to our listeners, for example stuff that’s off topic or repeated. The chat we have up front, the slight diversion because we were having fun etc. will all go.
  • Get the episode down to 20 – 30 minutes. Given we’ll record for around an hour, that means we can really focus on what our audience are interested in.
  • Process the audio as best we can to get rid of breaths, echos etc.

Sometimes it Doesn’t work

Sometimes we’ll record the material for a podcast and no matter what we do it doesn’t feel right to release. That’s always our fault – we’re still learning this Podcast thing. But it is what it is; we’re not going to publish just because we recorded some stuff.

If that happens we’re sorry but we hope you’re reassured that we care about a quality experience. And, you’ll give us another chance!

Some Thoughts, Context, and Advice

When people find a podcast, they’ll often listen to past episodes. People could be listening to your episode a year later, maybe 5 or 10 years later. So, whilst it is nice to have timely topics, we like to bring the discussion back to the essence of things.

With that in mind, this podcast is a lousy place to pitch any particular offering you might have on your mind – it won’t work, and it won’t look good. We can put links to your web site and any courses in the show notes to help get your message out.

Your time with us is best spent helping our audience get to know you. If you’re wanting to find new customers, this is an opportunity to shine your light and let your tribe find you.

Our aim is to help you look good. Help us do that. And we hope the result is something you’re proud to share.